Process | Theme Fusion

We are a design firm of creative and technical thinkers, writers, and planners who have invested our careers (even our childhoods) observing the world and the patterns that lead to great outcomes. How does our process work? It looks something like this:


1. Contact us and talk about yourself and what you’re doing.
2. We will visit your location, taking measurements and photos and gathering info about the property
3. We will input the measurements into AutoCAD, re-creating your property on our computers
4. We will gather ideas and images, and then share them with you. You let us know what ideas you’d like us to refine and polish.

Design Document
1. The ideas you wanted us to further develop are now fleshed out and drawn to scale. An Art Review Book is created which displays the basic artwork for all parts of your project.
2. Based on your feedback, a second version of the Art Review Book is created.
3. Once the Art Review Book has been approved, technical AutoCAD drawings are created of the design and small informational details are addressed. When completed, the Art, Technical Drawings, and Details combine to form your final Design Document.

Estimates and Focus
1. Using the final Design Document as reference, we estimate the cost of the project and inform you of the amount.
2. We put the power in your hands. Armed with a complete Design Document and it’s companion price estimate, its now easy for you to decide where you’d like to focus your funds. Which parts of the project would you like to expand or reduce? You can make an informed decision. It’s your money. We’re here to help you fulfill your goals, not the other way around.

Building and Installation
1. Your project will be built to high standards and installed by your deadline. The real thrill is when we’re gone and you’re reaping the benefits of your completed project. Congratulations! You’ve turned what you only imagined into reality. Doesn’t it feel great?

By the way, if you want to know about the Process in more detail, call or email us.