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Theme Fusion was founded by company president, Joe McCullough, in 2006 as a themed environment design service catering to churches and the needs of ministry to reach children and youth. We are committed to creating high quality themed environments, 3-D props, signage and murals to enhance the educational or entertainment value of family destinations. Our success has been and always will be measured by the number of lives positively affected through the ministries, pediatric care providers, memory care workers and family entertainment owners serving their customers from very young to
very young-at-heart.

Theme Fusion is a creative theming company full of technical thinkers, writers, artists, painters, planners, and dreamers who observe and are constantly inspired by the world around us. Decades have been spent working every aspect of creative design for healthcare, family entertainment, churches, hospitality and more. If it is a magical themed environment, a custom prop fabrication, an interactive display, or anything that allows us to enter into the realm of the imagination, we do it.


We are dedicated to making our client's visions come to life with passion and enthusiasm.

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