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Concept Artist

The concept artist is responsible for creating unique design concepts which will then be turned into 3-D elements by the production team. This position requires an eye for design, working with clients, and the ability to render professional-level digital artwork.



The sculptor/fabricator is responsible for assembling and sculpting in foam and wood. This position involves interpreting 2-D plans for sculpting details and requires a working knowledge of various shop tools and finishing products.

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Scenic Painter

The scenic painter is responsible for the painting of all fabricated items and murals. This position requires knowledge of various paints, techniques, and paint tools including spray guns as well as an artistic eye and ability to interpret 2-D concepts into professional level paint jobs.

Paint Cans

CNC Operator

The CNC operator is responsible for all CNC production and maintenance. The operator must be a familiar with various modeling software programs and have a strong sense of design in order to create custom products for our clients.

Lathe Operators
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Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for overseeing production (carpentry, sculpting, painting, assembly), and ultimately transferring to client for installation. The Production Manager also works closely with the Designer to interpret construction plans to generate a work plan, schedule, and materials list, and to ensure our fabrication department operates at peak efficiency. 


The carpenter is responsible for all production involving wood-working, including requesting upgrades and replacements on equipment parts, cleaning equipment and workspace, and interpreting plans with supervisor for carpentry details.

Carpenter at Work
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